Pentatonic Scales - Pentatonic Minor And Pentatonic Major

This is the place to start learning scales. In this section of lessons we will cover the pentatonics, or the pentatonic scales. Pentatonic scales are five note scales that are fairly easy and are an excellent introduction into the world of scales. Then we will cover phrasing to start soloing and improvising with the pentatonics. Pentatonic scales are great for improvising as they are fairly easy and work with almost anything.

Beginning Scales With The Pentatonic Scales

  • pentatonic minor scale lessonPentatonic Minor Scale - This lesson on the pentatonic minor scale includes a full diagram of the 5 note scale in the key of E. These guitar lessons are a great introduction to using scales because it is only a five note scale yet what you learn can be applied later on...
  • scale fingerings guitar lessonThe 5 Pentatonic Scale Positions - Pentatonic minor uses five scale positions to make up a full pentatonic scale system. This lesson will teach you the five positions, and how they fit together to form a full scale system that you can use to improvise all over the fretboard...
  • phrasing and improvising on guitarImprovise Using Phrasing - This lesson teaches an excellent phrasing method making it easy to put your scales to use. It allows you to improvise freely at any time, and makes playing improv solos just as easy as speaking your native tongue...
  • transposing scales for guitarTransposing Scales - Learn how to transpose this or any scale into any other musical key you choose. This will allow you to play the same scale in other musical keys with ease. Learning to play your instrument in many keys is essential for any player...

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