Basic Guitar Chord Chart - Guitar Chords And Finger Positions

play guitar chordsHere are some basic open guitar chords for you to learn to play chords on your guitar. There are literally thousands of chords you can play on a guitar, so this chart is by no means a complete chord chart, just a collection of common chords to get the beginner guitar players playing something. I will be adding new guitar chords to this page as I have time.

Learning how to create and understand chords will be covered in the advanced section of the lessons and is recommended to come after learning how to play scales.

The yellow dot denotes the root note of the chord. Strings without a dot are not played.

Guitar Chords

guitar chord E Major
E Major
guitar chord E Minor
E Minor
guitar chord E 7th
guitar chord A Major
A Major
guitar chord A Minor
A Minor
guitar chord A 7th
guitar chord D Major
D Major
guitar chord D Minor
D Minor
guitar chord D 7th
guitar chord C Major
C Major
guitar chord C Major 7th
C Major 7
guitar chord G Major
G Major

Recommended Books On Guitar Chords

If you would like a complete reference for guitar chords, the book below is an excellent resource to spark new ideas in your guitar playing. And purchasing this book from the link provided here helps to keep this site free for everyone!

  • complete_guitar_chordsComplete Guitar Chords : The Definitive Full-Color Guide to Playing Guitar Chords - Complete Guitar Chords is an instant classic that will help you find the chords you need quickly and easily In one great package you get: * Over 1800 essential guitar chord positions * Easy-to-read, color-coded chord diagrams * Full-color photographs of each chord shape * Fingering and analysis of every chord * Special sections on moveable chord forms and other special chords * Major, minor, diminished and dominant forms for all keys *

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