Answers To Questions That Are Often Asked

I will add more faqs when I can, but here are some for now.


  • Question: I already take lessons, can your site still help me?
    Absolutely ! Use my guitar course to help you with your lessons, provide you with more lesson time, make sure you are learning the right things, and many other bonuses.
  • Question: What type of guitars do you like/play?
    My main instruments would be select vintage or custom Les Pauls, and Taylor Acoustics. My preferred electric is a limited edition Jimmy Page Les Paul and my favorite acoustic is a Taylor 815ce. I am also quite fond of PRS guitars and the Parker Fly guitars.
  • Question: What kind of amps do you like/use?
    My favorite guitar amps would probably be the Soldano HR50+ XL, Soldano SLO, Bogner X-tasy, Marshall 50 watt Plexi and the old Marshall JTM45. I am not fond of the JCM series amps. I also use Mesa Boogie amplification and have always been impressed by their quality. I am a die hard tube amp fan, and the new digital amps still fall far short of the warmth and expressiveness of a good tube amp in my opinion.
  • Question: How many hours a day should I practice?
    The perfect answer here would be different for each person. Playing guitar should be fun and I believe that people should try to keep it that way. Naturally, if you are looking for a career playing an instrument you'll need to play a lot more than one hour a week. Always keep in mind that learning is the key, and time spent practicing the right thing is far more valuable than time spent playing the wrong thing. Keep learning new things and pushing yourself into new areas and you'll progress as a musician much faster.
  • Question: Where did you learn music theory?
    I have studied from many sources throughout my 24 years of playing, including 4 years of private study with a Berklee professor of music theory. The more sources you can learn from the better, just watch out for all the bad information out there.
  • Question: How long will this site be offered for free?
    I cannot answer that question right now. I would love to keep it free but it's an enormous amount of work and it costs me money to keep online. I would be glad to leave it online for free if I received some donations to help me cover the costs. I can accept donations through paypal on the support page.

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